Author: Dave Burke

Wednesday Scribbles The HUMPDAY

RIP to the Humpty Dance Man. He passed a while back and he just popped into my head when I wrote the title. My ADHD sparkles are nothin man. The sparkles that come from each breath God provides are beyond measure. You wanna know where he has shined brightest in my life? Through my mistakes. […]

New Day – Persevere

Hello, my friends. After a week of walking through multiple storms, it’s appropriate for a heart pouring. First I want to thank you all who have reached out to us, our family and friends as everyone is putting out their own fires. It speaks volumes when you run to help your friends (whom you may […]

Episode 0102 – Suffering

Good Morning! Welcome to Episode 02 of the Forgetting David Podcast. I am continuing this new adventure of seeking truth, relating, and sharing as I go. I am a student and always will be. Having a microphone is not something I take lightly. If I want to start conversations I have to reveal who I […]