Episode 0102 – Suffering

Good Morning! Welcome to Episode 02 of the Forgetting David Podcast.

I am continuing this new adventure of seeking truth, relating, and sharing as I go. I am a student and always will be. Having a microphone is not something I take lightly. If I want to start conversations I have to reveal who I am, to anyone willing to listen. In our culture of canceling people we disagree with, the norm seems to Jump on the Shame Train and tear others down. Do what everyone else does, right?!

That life isn’t for me. I have fallen into it before and it feels like crap to me. Life is hard enough my friends. We all suffer and see suffering, if we look.

This past week, my family and others within our circle, were struck with suffering. Three unexpected deaths in a week. Ages 29, 54, 75. No warnings, no signs. Taken from here and loved ones left with their hands up.

Suffering can swoop in and take you off of your perch. It’s not fun, but it is part of our life here. Jesus says, we will experience suffering while we are here. He gives his followers, the Holy Spirit to help them through these times. Even though I know this, I haven’t tapped into it throughout my sufferings. I am now and I can assure you it is different. There is still pain and suffering, but a peace that comes with it, when you lean into His love and promises.

Suffering doesn’t just show up as an unexpected death. I think most of us have an internal suffering, that is constant. Nothing really seems to take the pain away.

In this episode I share about the suffering around us as well the suffering from within. I hope you join me on this journey of searching for truth, applying the learning and sharing with others.

I love you all!