The Forgetting David Podcast

Hi! I’m Dave Burke. Welcome to the Forgetting David Podcast.

I am The David in the title. This episode is an introduction to the meaning and purpose behind Forgetting David

In short, I want to live a good life and care for those I love. I do have this and strive to live this way. Something had been missing for the most part. When setting down the path I think is good, I end up stumbling and fumbling. Living from a place of fear and doubt instead of love and peace. Love and Peace comes from Faith. 

This year,2022, I turned 50 and many unexpected speed bumps began to arise. This eventually turned into broken roads that I could not longer maneuver and something had to change. 

I remembered something from when I was 12 years old and always have carried it with me. This thing, I carried, made me feel good but uneasy, sure but doubtful, courageous and scared. All opposites! These things working together all the time. It’s how we respond to them that makes a difference. This is where I needed most help. Responding well to things I do not know, understand or fear. I also needed better intention behind my decision making.

A change started in me this year. I am still perfectly-imperfect, but changing for the better daily. As I seek answers and truth my identity and purpose are beginning to take shape! Each path I have taken has been my choice. What we want (or think we want) may not always be what we need.  

I hope you join me on this journey and share in the process of reaching out to help our brothers and sisters that are feeling stuck, unsure, afraid, angry, bitter or lost. We can be the solution together.

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  1. John Monarch

    Another great talk my friend. Also, I had no idea what you’d been going through with the house and with the pain. I’m glad I now know what you’ve been dealing with. It’s even more incentive to keep in touch.

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